Private sessions

Inner child therapy

We all have wounds that have been created in our childhood. Without knowledge about these wounds that we have and carry with us consciously or unconsciously, we cannot respond to life in an authentic and relaxed way.

The unawareness of these wounds often leads us to react to life or circumstances instead of responding.

Because we see life not as it is, if we do not perceive it through the filter of these wounds or rather, through the strategies that we develop to cover these wounds.

Becoming aware of where we limit ourselves, why we react, why it is so difficult to change and think positively, is the first step to awareness and healing.

Therapy to improve couple relationships

When we enter into a “romantic” relationship we put on the pink glasses and this is fine, because if not, no one would commit or relate and there would no longer be a human species…

It is said that there are always 4 people in a romantic relationship

The man with his needs that have been left unfulfilled in his childhood and for the woman it is the same

The problems that occur when we go through the pink glasses phase are inevitable and the good thing is that they help us see ourselves and understand that the other is not the enemy, it simply shows us where we are trapped in fantasies and expectations that They come from the past.

In reality, couples are not formed to make each other happy, but to help each other grow in the process.

In the sexual life of a couple, men and women play a role that we have learned from our parents, but also in our society.

And although we are freer today on a sexual level, there is still a type of sex, the “common sex” where there is a lot of activity and little relaxation.
This type of sex is called male sex because the energy Masculine is the energy of “doing and acting.”