Sexual healing

Everything is energy, it is vibration.

When we have blockages in our energetic, emotional or physical field, our vital energy does not flow and we experience this through symptoms such as lack of energy, restless legs, headaches, back pain, clenched jaws, contracted stomach, palpitations, tachycardias, diareas, fears, phobias, depressions, nightmare memories, anxious thoughts, stagnant or overflowing sexuality and many other symptoms.

Stagnant energy is often caused by traumatic experiences in our past or generally everything we experience at an age or at a time in our life, where we did not have the ability to manage it because the experience was too long, too fast or too intense

To unlock the stagnant energy at the sacred points in men and woman we use the power of the sexual energy, breathing techniques and bandhas (energy closures used in Kundalini Yoga). When the sacred points are released we feel an increase in vital energy, sometimes it is like an explosion and possible sensations such as the body moves spontaneously, we feel very awake and at the same time relaxed and present, feel at peace, emotions such as anger, sadness or joy and also pleasure are released or sometimes a specific memory shows up.