Tantric couples massage

Our original state is to vibrate only in the frequency of love.
There are more and more couples who realize that they do not vibrate in this frequency and come to my consulta and seek help. Couples call me for various reasons looking for help through Tantra and tantric massage.
Some have lost sexual passion or connection usually due to daily routine (children, work, family commitments), or they realize that behind their “discussions “there is something deeper that does not allow them to relate in love (emotional wounds, the inner child), or they want to be touched different while making love (this especially in women) or they do not have adequate communication tools or because they want to intimate with their partner to a deeper state of intimacy and some want to learn “techniques” to reach a state of ecstasy and higher consciousness together and and…

So… for couples I take about 4 hours to have enough time to investigate and explore with them.
In tantric massage sessions we create a space of safety, meditation and presence between the three of us. When the nervous system starts to relax with loving conscious touch, body consciousness opens and the one receiving the massage is floating in a mindless state, giving himself or herself completely. Just seeing your partner in this state generates an opening of the heart in the two and love flows again.

Benefits of couples sessions and tantric couples massage

– opening of the heart
– Tools to improve communication with the couple
– make emotional wounds visible (more frequent are the wound of abandonment and invasion)
– learn to reach a state of ecstasy together
– Establish a deeper love bond
– experience a mindless state


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