¿What is Tantra?

A spontaneous response of our authentic self to the experiences and opportunities that life brings us. The master key is acceptance, it is accepting ourselves as we are. Love our body, mind, soul and spirit. That initiates a process of transformation. It is the balance between body and soul, physical and spirit.

In Tantra, unlike other spiritual paths, sexual energy is included. It awakens from the desire for union with the feminine and masculine principle, with intimacy. Thus the goddess is recognized in woman and the god in man. Tantra recognizes from the beginning that there are two poles that merge in ecstasy for enlightenment to occur – the father sky and mother earth – the masculine and feminine energies, shiva and shakti, yin and yang. When everything is in balance, it means when we let go of everything that is not love – we vibrate only in the frequency of love and this is ecstasy.

“Tantra is not a philosophy, nor a doctrine, nor a manual to be a good lover, it is not intellectual, nor does it care about the why of things, nor how to define the truth. Tantra reminds you that you are the vastness of heaven, the space that contains everything. Tantra is an internal revolution, it is to strip away all beliefs, moralities and concepts of the mind, to create the inner space that one needs to conceive the infinite and timeless truth and gives us tools of understanding and acceptance of our nature that allow us to love ourselves and others.

Tantra understands duality as the friction generated by life: positive-negative, light-dark, man-woman, energy-matter, sex-spirit, etc. When this duality ceases to be a conflictive friction where one denies the other; when you accept and understand your own duality; Living becomes a joyful dance, a celebration. Tantra neither denies nor favors sex, it simply investigates human nature as it is, without any moral evaluation. A tantric person loves his body, his mind, his heart and his spirit. Your path to awareness and joy is understanding, acceptance, and sensitization of these.

Tantra is a challenge to taboos and creeds imposed by any religion or moral code. The great mystics of the tantric tradition were constantly persecuted and condemned. Although tantra is a rebellion against moral and oppressive precepts, it teaches neither debauchery nor pornography, but the intelligent observation of the human being with all its contradictions and the acceptance that the body is as divine as the soul, because everything comes from the same source. (Quantum physics has also come to the same conclusion: energy and matter are different manifestations of the same thing.)”


Source: Astiko Ji