Tantric massage

Individual tantric massage


Our original state is to vibrate only in the frequency of love.
Tantra and tantric massage as a tool of Tantra help us to return or reach this state. In addition the beauty of tantric massage is, that you reach this state through pleasure. Using breathing, unintentional touch and the absolute presence of love on the part of the therapist or tantric masseuse. It is a massage that starts in your body and ends in your soul, allowing you to relax and connect again with your body at a deep level. It is to create a space of trust between the two people, the one who receives the massage and the other person who gives the massage. It is to release above all control and expectations, so that the body opens up, becomes receptive (one of the feminine qualities)

Among others the benefits are

  • allow yourself to feel pleasure
  • allow yourself to feel repressed emotions and release them
  • release of Trauma through sexual energy (if there is a blockage of sexual energy first the trauma is released in the energy field)
  • remove or improve states of stress and anxiety
  • detect if there is a blockage of sexual energy
  • treat problems with premature ejaculation

We currently live in a time of great stress and fear worldwide and most people do not have the tools to handle themselves calmly in these situations.

Tantric massage is the most intimate and profound massage that a person can feel… It is a massage technique, a “tool” of Tantra to reach the highest state of consciousness. We approach the body as a divine temple and honor with tantric massage the connection between body and soul… In tantric massage, deep breathing and unintentional touch are the key to reaching the freedom of the Self. Through conscious touch the pleasure, the sensuality of our skin and sensitivity throughout the body are awakened. We awaken the sexual in the second chacra and when the energy moves it is directed to the heart, to the fourth chakra.

The moment sexual energy turns into pure love, we enter a state of ecstasy. Ecstasy is called the state when we experience a No-Mind moment. When the mind stops worrying about the past or the future we are simply “ floating”. In our physical, emotional and energetic body we have blocked energy that can be released through moving the sexual energy. There are taboos in the area of the genitals, points of pleasure that we don’t know or not allow us to experience. There are memories stored in the body, which through conscious touch are released. That allows us to enjoy our body and our sexuality again.

I currently work with tantric massage for men, women and teach this millenary technique also to couples.

Verma Rodriguez, my Tantra teacher in Barcelona ( www.vermarodriguez.com) says that “ tantric massage is one of the most beautiful forms of communication between lovers, it relaxes and sensitizes, blesses and purifies. It is an ecstatic dance that brings people closer to their original divine form. A ritual of adoration of the body that allows us to feel the most sublime joy of all, to feel love.”

“Love radiates through your fingertips, the gentle touch of your palm, the slight support of your forearm…, dancing with the energy of the other, from the internal listening of any sensation or response that appears to the stimuli you are emitting…, Perceptive and sensitive wisdom at the service of the massage that is created through your touch…, inviting the conscience to come out of its lethargy…”
José Maria Sarto Ruiz