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Retiro de tantra para parejas en Octubre en Navarra con Anke Schulz

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Retreat for couples from October 31 to November 3, 2024 in Navarra.


Real price €430/person.

Discounted price €395/person if booked before September 30.



“Go deeper into love through tantra”

A conscious couples retreat is a space where we first take a vacation from daily routines and obligations that distance us from our partner, passion and interest in each other. Many times we forget that love is like a plant and that it must be taken care of every day…

⁣In this retreat we are going to learn how to cultivate love and our sexuality in a more conscious way, from deep relaxation and surrender without the expectations to which we are accustomed. To do this we will use techniques that Tantra offers us and above all its most powerful tool; tantric massage. ⁣

Through the massage we will experience again the innocence and spontaneity that we felt when we met our partner for the first time, taking it to a higher level; one where love and true connection arise from a state of relaxation, presence and total surrender. We are going to dedicate quality time to our partner to stop doing and relax in being, creating a safe, loving and judgment-free space.⁣

retiro de autocreciomiento y parejas conscientes

In this type of retreat you will learn:


✅ Keys that build and maintain a relationship: friendship, passion, a project together and trust.⁣

✅ How to handle difficult situations that prevent you from seeing others with eyes of love: identifying when we get emotional, taking distance to break the tension and power then have honest communication.⁣

✅ Live your feminine/masculine qualities and experience their importance and the impact that a blocked energy has on our lives.⁣

✅ Touch the other without expectations and know the polarities in men and women.⁣⁣

✅ Circulate the energy in the second chakra and turn the love encounter into a meditation.

✅ Go deeper into love and intimacy.⁣

✅ You will regain the desire to be sexually intimate with your partner.

✅ You will learn to prolong love encounters, experiencing satisfaction on a bodily level and the union between two souls.

✅ You will learn to touch and give the pleasure that your partner needs so that his or her body opens, unlocking the heart. If the heart is closed there can be no true connection.⁣

✅ You will be able to identify your feelings and needs both on a sexual and emotional level and express them.⁣⁣

✅ You will acquire the ability to synchronize your sexual energy with that of your partner to create a deep connection between the body, the heart, the mind and the spirit.⁣

✅ You will learn to get rid of the layers that prevent you from being intimate with your partner from your true self and set healthy limits in a loving way.⁣⁣

✅ You will experience the importance of sexual pleasure as a path to healing the body and soul.⁣⁣

✅ In the massage you will learn to circulate your sexual energy throughout the body to increase your orgasmic capacity. That energy is transformed into creative energy that will allow you to focus it to improve any area of ​​your life.⁣

✅ We will live the healing experience of a Gong bath concert and Tibetan bowls.

✅ This retreat is designed for all types of people (no previous experience is necessary).

✅ We will enjoy all this and much more in a natural environment, with vegetarian food that nourishes body and soul and a very loving and caring treatment. personalized by the hosts


retiro de tantra para parejas con Anke Schulz
retiro de masaje tántrico para parejas con Anke Schulz

Casa del Sol. Ardanaz de Egüés, Navarra.

Hi, I’m Anke Schulz and I will go along with you on this exciting and transformative journey!

Anke Schulz tantra

I invite you to have a wonderful experience as a couple where you will experience everything you have read before and much more in a safe and judgment-free environment.

In my workshops and retreats as well as in individual and couples therapy, the objective is to release everything that prevents us from vibrating at the frequency of love.

I am a Tantra facilitator (trained with Verma Rodríguez at Escuela Daya, Maite Domenech) and a specialist in tantric massage (trained with Escuela Daya).

I have also trained in:
– Couples therapy
– Inner child therapy.
– Ayurveda massage.
– Art therapy
– Music therapy
and I am a Hatha Yoga teacher and founder of Ecstatic emotion dance Bilbao.


There is also time for enjoyment, creativity, activities in nature, dancing, laughter, gong baths, sauna….

I teach the Tantra retreats together with my colleague Cristian Minchev, a therapist of emotional, energetic, and physical balance, and trained in healing macrobiotics.

In addition to group, couple and individual activities, carried out in closed spaces and even outdoors, each participant has the opportunity to have a personal session with Cristian. These sessions occur before, during or after the retreat, and are designed to deeply explore and address potential energetic barriers or imbalances that may be affecting our health. They usually last 2 to 3 hours, allowing adequate space to explore and better understand one’s own needs.

If you have any questions I will be happy to help you. Contact me without any obligation.

Testimonials from other couples

Anke is a wonderful guide, she has taught us to understand that the body is sacred and with the exercises we do we discover new sensations that we continue practicing as a couple.

Anke has offered me and my partner a space where we can stop, learn and evolve from love. Warmth, listening and dedication that has helped us continue building this path together.

We experienced very deep sensations that made us feel a lot of pleasure and allowed us to open our hearts to move through life with more love and warmth

retiro de sexualidad consciente

Strengthen your bond. Rediscover and increase your passion and connection

Don’t miss this incredible experience of transformation!

*Limited places. By reservation order

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