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retiro tantra diciembre anke schulz

Tantric massage retreat from December 7 to 10, 2023 in Navarra.


Real price €430.

Discounted price €395 if booked before December 5th.


Tantra retreat for everyone

In multi-day tantric retreats, we delve deeper into Tantra using the energy of the group and taking advantage of the bonds that are created in these days between the people who embark on the retreat journey.

I usually work very intuitively since each group has different needs. These are shown on the first day and with that information I make the proposals always with the intention of helping everyone open their hearts.

From my experience, the most important thing in working in the room is creating a safe space for all members. This helps people gradually become aware of where their limits, difficulties are and what limiting beliefs they have developed throughout their lives due to traumatic situations experienced (whether they are conscious or not).

retiro de tantra y sexualidad consciente Anke Schulz
retiro tantra y sexualidad consciente de Anke Schulz

 I use tantric massage a lot, because our body does not lie and that is where the healing is. It is there where the energies are blocked by our emotional patterns, and we intoxicate our physical body with our negative thoughts.
When we regain confidence in our body, a healing process begins.

I provide training in tantric massage during the retreat so that you can experience it first hand with a partner and take this valuable learning home.

masaje tántrico con Anke Schulz
taller masaje tántrico con Anke Schulz

There is also time for enjoyment, creativity, activities in nature, dancing, laughter, gong baths, sauna…

If you have any questions I will be happy to help you. Contact me without any obligation.